Kaspersky Endpoint Sec for Business Advanced PS (S+DT++) (1yr)




Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced

KasperskyEndpoint Security for BusinessADVANCED

Enhanced security with extended management & data protection

Because your business has sensitive data that must be kept safe, we do more than just protect every endpoint your business runs. Patch Management helps eliminate security vulnerabilities, while encryption helps to prevent data being accessed by cybercriminals.

  • Delivers Next Gen protection against known & unknown threats
  • Reduces your exposure to attacks – by hardening endpoints
  • Helps prevent loss or theft of confidential business data
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities – to reduce attack entry points
  • Saves time – by automating OS & software deployment tasks
  • Streamlines security management – with one unified console

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced includes all of the functionality delivered by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select… plus additional technologies that do even more to protect your business.

  • Advanced protection against threats

    Blocks attacks in real-time – using our Host-based Intrusion Prevention System. Identifies vulnerabilities & applies the latest patches – to close attack entry points – and lets you control which applications are allowed to run on your servers.

  • Extra protection for sensitive data

    FIPS 140.2 certified encryption functions – plus management of OS-embedded encryption – protect corporate data and confidential customer information… to help you achieve key compliance goals, including GDPR.

  • Simplified systems management

    Automates the creation, storage & cloning of system images – to save you time whenever your business needs to roll out new systems or update software on existing systems.

  • Openness… no other vendor can match

    With the forthcoming launch of our Transparency Centers, our partners will have access to independent reviews of our code. Right now, we’re pioneers in providing this level of openness… but we hope it’ll become the standard for the entire industry.



  • Get endpoint security that adapts to new threatsWe’re recognized for innovation – and we’ve identified more advanced threats than any other vendor. Whether your IT is on-site or outsourced, our security adapts to protect you from new threats.

  • Control your costs… tightlyBecause we include multiple security technologies – including Next-Gen – in a single product, there are no hidden costs. You only need to buy one product – with one license.

  • Combine performance & multi-layer protectionSecurity shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why our security has minimal impact on system performance – and, if you’re attacked, Automatic Rollback undoes most malicious actions… so users can keep on working.

  • Tests & reviews help us deliver better securityDon’t just take our word for it. For several years, our products have taken part in more independent reviews & tests – and have achieved more first places – than any other security vendor.

  • Improve your audit & control capabilityRole-Based model helps you divide responsibilities across your team. The management console can be configured to ensure each administrator can only access the tools & data they need.

  • Save time on administration… and boost protectionUsing real-time intelligence about exploits, our automated Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management can apply the latest security patches for a wide range of commonly used applications.

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