Seqrite Endpoint – Business Security (Ser/DT) (25 user) (1yr) DVD Retail Box




SOFTMART SOLUTIONS – ENDUSER PRICE LIST – JANUARY 29, 2018 If you find licenced software are unaffordable, you may download and use opensource & freeware software. Avoid unauthorised use of copyrighted software. PRICELIST CODE : PL GST OF 18% APPLICABLE ON ALL SOFTWARE BOXES OR LICENCES INVOICED AFTER 1/7/2017 SAC CODE OF MOST SOFTWARE LICENCES: 9973 SAC CODE OF SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE : 9984 HSN CODE OF SOFTWARE BOX WITH MEDIA: 8523 Please reconfirm / request for the current prices by & before quoting to customers or placing any orders to us. Customer Licence Information Form required for all licence orders / Deal Registration requests : and The following details are mandatory for processing for ESD Purchase Orders : Name or organisation / Complete Physical Location Address / City / State / PINCODE / Contact Person Full Name / Contact Person Company -id / Tel. Number / Copy of Enduser PO required. ALL LICENCE ORDERS ARE NON- CANCELLABLE WITHOUT EXCEPTION. REGISTER ANY SOFTWARE LIC ESD DEAL WITH US IN ADVANCE & BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR 2% – 20% EXTRA DISCOUNT FOR ORDER VALUE > Rs / Rs SOFTMART SOLUTIONS PRICE GUARANTEE : However improbable, but if you ever get a software quote or bill at a lower rate than quoted by us, submit details and collect a 8GB PenDrive. Submit now, and you would be the first to claim! 1/29/2018: Page 1 of 58 VAT Taxes /Levies/ Octroi extra as applicable

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